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Cafe Tesu
  • Opened in 2017, Cafe Tesu has quickly become a favorite due to its inviting atmosphere and delicious offerings.
  • The cafe’s menu features a wide range of cuisines, including Italian, Lebanese, Moroccan, European, and North Indian. Some must-try dishes include their mushroom ricotta pizza, pasta arabiatta, Moroccan chicken tagine, and paneer tikka masala.
  • All ingredients are sourced fresh daily, and everything is made in-house, including the breads, pastas, dips, and desserts.
  • The beverage menu is extensive, featuring coffees, teas, shakes, mocktails, and craft cocktails. Their cold coffee and iced teas are particularly popular.
  • Free Wi-Fi, cozy indoor seating, an outdoor garden area, and live music performances on weekends enhance the cafe’s appeal.
  • The relaxing ambiance makes it a great spot for casual meals, conversations over coffee, or even working on your laptop.