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Big Yellow Door Cafe

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Big Yellow Door Architecture

Interesting Facts

  1. The bright yellow exterior of Big Yellow Door was chosen to evoke feelings of warmth, energy, and creativity. The vibrant hue also makes the century-old haveli stand out amidst the surrounding brick buildings.One of the most striking features is the 12-foot-tall puppet installations in the courtyard, crafted from recycled materials by a local artist collective. The puppets depict mythological characters and are a beloved photo backdrop for visitors.
  2. Big Yellow Door hosts an annual “Trashion” show where fashion designers, artists, and students create wearable garments entirely from discarded objects and materials, highlighting sustainable creativity.
  3. The ceramics studio uses a unique glazing technique that incorporates ash from the courtyard’s tandoor oven, giving the pottery a distinctive, earthy quality.
  4. In 2022, a mural by a renowned local street artist was unveiled on the exterior walls, transforming the entire alleyway into a vivid outdoor gallery space.
  5. The reading nook features over 500 curated books on art, design, philosophy and more, all donated by community members when the center first opened.
  6. Gardening workshops utilizing the techniques of traditional Bougainvillea arches are hosted in the courtyard, teaching sustainable gardening practices.

How To Reach Big Yellow Door, Satyaniketan, South Delhi