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Adventure Island Delhi -Entry Fee, Timings, Images, & More

Adventure Island Delhi -Entry Fee, Timings, Images, & More

Adventure Island Delhi Entry Fee

₹500 Per Person for Adults

₹500 Per Person for Child

₹500 Per Person for Sr. Citizen

This rate applies to both weekends and weekdays.

Adventure Island Delhi Timings

Open Time: 11:00 am

Close Time: 07:00 pm

This time is for both weekdays and weekends.

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Hey there! Get ready for an awesome journey with me as I share cool stuff about Adventure Island, Delhi. I’ll tell you about how much it costs to get in, when it’s open, and show you some really cool pictures. Adventure Island isn’t just any theme park – it’s where the fun happens! Join me on this online tour where I’ll keep it simple and friendly. So, are you ready? Let’s dive into the excitement!

About Adventure Island

Visiting Adventure Island in Delhi is super fun! It’s like a big amusement park right in the middle of the city. There are crazy rides that make your heart race and also fun things for families. The park is full of green trees and looks really nice. The people who work there are really nice too. They make sure everything is good for everyone. If you love exciting rides or just want to have a good time with your family, Adventure Island is the place to be!


Adventure Island Timings & Entry Fee

Going to Adventure Island is super fun, and it’s good to know when it’s open and how much it costs. Usually, the park opens at 11:00 AM and closes at 07:00 PM , giving us plenty of time for all the cool rides. The entry fee is affordable, but it might change, so it’s smart to check the official website or call the park for the latest details. Whether you’re into thrilling rides or just want a fun day with family and friends, Adventure Island is a great place to be. 

Rides and Attractions at Adventure Island

Going to Adventure Island in Rohini was super exciting! They have more than 20 rides for everyone. I had a blast trying out rides for adults, kids, families, and even water rides! Plus, there are some cool paid attractions to check out.

Adult Rides

1. Z-Force:

Z-Force is like defying gravity. It takes you up high, stops for a bit so you can see everything, and then whooshes you down! You need to be taller than 105 cm to hop on with seven others.

2. Side Winder

Side Winder is a giant wheel that spins up and down. It gives you that tummy-flipping feeling. You have to be at least 134 cm tall for this one.

3. Sky Riders

Sky Riders make you feel like you’re driving in the sky. Hanging cars spin as a big wheel turns. If you’re 105 cm or taller, you can join in the fun.

4. Lightning Bolt

Lightning Bolt looks like a spider with moving legs. As it spins, the seats on the legs go up and down, giving you thrills. It’s for people 130 cm and taller.

5. Space Jump

Space Jump takes you around a sun-like ball. Strapped into seats, you jump up and down. If you’re 120 cm or more, you’re ready for this cosmic adventure.

6. Climbing Wall

If you’re 4 feet tall and weigh between 30 kg and 100 kg, you can try the Climbing Wall. It’s like climbing a rock but safer with harnesses and ropes.

7. Wild Wheel

Wild Wheel is like the classic bumper cars but for grownups. You can steer, accelerate, and brake. It’s a fun ride for two people in each car.

8. Splash Down

Splash Down is a water ride for the brave. You sit on a rollercoaster-style thing that splashes down into a river. You need to be at least 134 cm tall for this watery adventure.

Water Rides

1. Aqua Bump

Splash into the cool Aqua Bump, a big water pool with a fun rain dance area for up to 150 people. It’s super cool, but sorry, if you’re under 4 feet tall, this one’s for the taller kids.

2. Amazon Mist Forest

Join the adventure with Cartoon Network friends like Dexter in the Amazon Mist Forest. It’s a family-friendly ride, and it’s even more awesome if your parents come along.


Get ready to dance in the rain at SHA LA LA! It’s named after a famous party song, “My Heart Goes Sha La La La.” Dance with friends while water showers make it extra fun.

4. Splash Pool

Hang out with your family in the Splash Pool — a great spot to cool off with canopies and showers. Perfect for relaxing and making awesome water memories with your family.

5. Swan Boat

Take a ride on the big Swan Boat, a giant swan-shaped boat on the “Lagoon.” It fits up to 10 people and comes with life jackets for everyone, even if you can’t swim. Just be 134 cm tall or taller to hop on.

6. H2O

Have a blast at H2O, a water arena with slides and hurdles. Move through showers spouting water everywhere, giving you an exciting challenge if you love water fun.

Kids and Family Rides

1. Cyclone

As I got close to the Cyclone, it looked like a super colorful carousel. But here’s the cool part – it spins with 32 swings hanging from the top! You’ve got to be at least 90 cm tall to jump on and join the fun.

2. Air Pogo

Guess what? There’s a ride called Air Pogo, and it’s perfect for little ones like us. No need to worry about height here. We get to sit in one of five planes, and each plane takes four of us on a pretend flying adventure.

3. Wave Rocker

The Wave Rocker is like a ship that rocks like crazy, imitating choppy seas. Here’s the best part – everyone in the family can hop on! It fits 24 people, and there’s no need to worry about how tall you are.

4. Kids Bumper Cars

For us kids who are between 90 cm and 134 cm tall, there’s something called Kids Bumper Cars. It’s like driving cars, but mini-sized. Such a fun way to feel like a little driver.

5. Bungee Trampoline

If you’re between 20 kg and 50 kg, you’re in for a treat! The Bungee Trampoline lets us bounce as much as we want. No need to worry about height, and it’s super safe with a harness keeping us secure.

6. Tiny TV Transit

What’s an amusement park without a toy train, right? Adventure Island has one called Tiny TV Transit. It fits 76 kids and doesn’t care how tall you are. All aboard for a train adventure!

7. Fire Brigade

Imagine a cute fire truck that fits 24 kids. That’s the Fire Brigade! No real fire, just loads of fun. You need to be at least 90 cm tall to join the ride.

8. Bush Buggies

If you have a small family, the Bush Buggies are perfect. You can explore the beautiful park without worrying about how tall you are. Each buggy fits up to four people.

9. Splash Dunk

For water lovers, there’s Splash Dunk – a mini version of the big Splash Down ride. Up to four kids can hop in a boat, and it splashes into the water. You just need to be 90 cm tall to ride the waves.

Other Paid Attractions

1. Click Art Museum

So, I went to the Click Art Museum, and it was super cool! It’s open from 1:30 PM to 10 PM, and it’s like a feast for your eyes. Kids, no matter how old, will love it. There are these lively paintings, and the place feels like a fancy art gallery. It’s a must-visit spot!

2. Carousel

Okay, there’s this Carousel ride, and it’s only for kids between 4 and 12 years old. It’s like a fancy fair ride where animals go round and round. I picked a horse, held onto the pole for balance, and it was a blast! Oh, and guess what? This Carousel can take up to 21 kids at once.

3. Swan Boat and Aqua Bump

If you’re up for some water excitement, there are two cool rides – Swan Boat and Aqua Bump. You gotta pay for these, but they’re worth it. Splash around and have a blast! These rides add a watery twist to the whole amusement park scene.

I had the best time trying out these rides at the amusement park. Each one was so different and fun, making my day full of awesome memories. Can’t wait to go back for more fun!

How to Reach Adventure Island By Metro

From Noida

To reach Adventure Island in Delhi from Noida by metro, follow these steps:

  • Board the Blue Line (Line 3) of the Delhi Metro from any Noida metro station.
  • Travel towards Dwarka Sector 21, the direction opposite to Noida City Center.
  • Alight at the Rajouri Garden Metro Station.
  • Transfer to the Pink Line (Line 7) towards Shiv Vihar.
  • Get off at the Rithala Metro Station, which is the nearest metro station to Adventure Island.

This metro route provides a convenient and efficient way to reach Adventure Island from Noida.

From Gurgaon

To reach Adventure Island in Delhi from Gurgaon by metro, follow these steps:

  • Board the Yellow Line (Line 2) of the Delhi Metro from any Gurgaon metro station.
  • Head towards Samaypur Badli in the direction opposite to HUDA City Centre.
  • Alight at the Rajiv Chowk Metro Station, which is a major interchange station.
  • Transfer to the Blue Line (Line 3) towards Dwarka Sector 21.
  • Continue on the Blue Line and get off at the Rithala Metro Station.
  • Adventure Island is a short distance from the Rithala Metro Station.

This metro route provides a convenient and efficient way to reach Adventure Island from Gurgaon.

From Ghaziabad

To reach Adventure Island in Delhi from Gurgaon by metro, follow these steps:

  • Board the Delhi Metro Red Line (Line 1) from Ghaziabad (Shaheed Sthal) Metro Station.
  • Head towards Rithala on the Red Line.
  • Alight at Rithala Metro Station, the last station on the Red Line.

Adventure Island is located near Rithala Metro Station. You can exit the metro station and find various transportation options, such as auto-rickshaws or cabs, to reach Adventure Island.